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Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Overall Philosophy:

I teach music because I love it!  My goal is to help each student become the best they can be.  Many studies indicate a correlation between musical studies and cognitive educational learnings skills.  I support that belief.  

See "Objectives Link" for detailed teaching philosophy.

How Much Should I Practice?

It must be understood that regular practice in not a suggetion, it is neccessary for progress to be made. Some basic guidelines are as follows:

Beginner: (1st year student) 20-30 minutes daily

Intermediate: (2nd & 3rd year student) 30-45 minutes daily

Advanced: (4+ year student) 45-60 minutes daily

Parents, even if you are not musical, I encourage you to monitor practice sessions to be confident students are on task.

How Should I Practice?

The following PDF's are a list of practical suggestions for how to practice.

http://www.bandmasterstudio.com/Practice Tips for Younger Students.pdf

http://www.bandmasterstudio.com/The Art of Practicing.pdf

Basic Scales and Warm-up's that I should Practice

Not inclusive, but a great starting point.




What About Auditions?

The following PDF is a list of practical suggestions about taking an audition.



Lesssons last either 1/2 hour or 1 hour, depending on interest and age level, and meet once per week.


Bandmaster Studio does not have a semester recital.  We do however encourage individual performance in the local community (i.e. junior youth symphony, youth symphony, various community bands...) as well as supporting your local school and church programs.

Tuition Payment / Student Attendance / Cancellation Policy:

See "Studio Policy" link