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Joe Hubbard

Clarinet / Saxophone / Flute 

(913) 909-0355


General Objectives of my teaching philosophy include:

1.  Developing the aspects and importance of a proper attitude for success.  

     (Create a positive musical experience which develops self esteem).

2.  Developing aesthetic awareness and concepts within students.

3.  Developing the knowledge of musical notation.

4.  Developing the knowledge and technical/physical proficiency to perform written music on a specific        musical instrument.

5.  Developing self discipline within the student.

6.  Developing self reliance through individual effort and achievement.

7.  Developing a musical appreciation for the fine and performings arts.  

     (Discriminatory/critical listening skills).

8.  Developing a musical vocabulary which includes a variety of musical styles.

9.  Developing students who become supportive and appreciative consumers of music and musical              performance.

10.  Having fun!

Please call to disuss your questions or to learn more about how I may serve you or your child. 

                               Joe Hubbard

For lesson objectives please visit the link below.

http://www.bandmasterstudio.com/Lesson Objectives.pdf